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Get to Know the Founders | Ann Marie Boccuzzi

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

1. How did you get into events? Did you always know you wanted to be an event planner?

I began planning events in college and never imagined it would be my career one day. I was lucky enough to work for a high-end destination management company in Washington, DC early in my career. It was there that I learned the ins and outs of the industry. Being an event planner has always been a natural fit because I am extremely organized, love helping people and am very social... all things that are key for this industry!

2. How do you stay organized when you have multiple clients/events going on?

I am the Queen of to-do lists! I carry my Simply Styled Events notebook everywhere I go because it holds the many details and tasks for each and every client. Emily & I also have great systems in place to help us keep track of each event we have. Having a partner who is as equally as dedicated to the business as me is hugely helpful as we are always checking in with one another.

3. What's the best part of starting your own business?

Starting an event planning business the year before a major pandemic has definitely had its ups and downs, but it has brought Emily and me even closer than ever. I am very fortunate to have a business partner that is on the same page as me -- just about all of the time! We are growing a business that is inspired by friendship, womanhood and the beauty of simplicity!

4. What is the best part of being on site at a wedding/event?

My favorite part of any event is right before guests arrive and I see my client experience the finished set up for the first time. It's amazing to look around a room and think back to the many calls, brainstorming sessions, and renderings that lead to the finished product. That moment is the calm before the storm and I always take a big deep breath... then it's go-time!

Lighting Round:

Favorite color? Black

Favorite food? Chicken parm

Favorite trip you've ever taken? Cape Town, South Africa

Favorite restaurant in NYC? Do I have to give just one? The Mermaid Inn, Minetta Tavern (best burger!!) and Aria Wine Bar!

Best hidden gem in NYC? I love biking North along the Hudson River. There are some great restaurants on the water and it's easy to forget you are in one of the largest cities in the world!

Best bagel in NYC? Tie between Broadway Bagel + Pick-a-Bagel


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