complete our online questionnaire so we can learn more about your vision + style


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submit a one-time design fee of $195* 

*does not include the cost of actual rental items


our design expert will send you a beautiful + carefully curated design based on your questionnaire


source + reserve tabletop decor on your own or we will reserve items on your behalf at a discounted rate

helping you go from simple to styled



welcome to our 3-day design corner where we will send you a fabulous tabletop design for your event in as little as 3 days! from a wedding, to a first birthday party, to an anniversary celebration, allow your event design to go from simple to styled. 


what is a tabletop design and why does it make an event so much better?

a well thought out tablescape enhances your overall aesthetic and elevates the look and feel of your event. our curated designs will impress your guests and are one hundred percent post worthy! 

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what if i don't know what i want my event to look like?

then you have come to the right place! start with our curated questionnaire and answer the questions to the best of your ability. from there, we'll come up with something beautiful and unique based on your style, venue and event season.

what if i don't like my design?

if you aren't happy with your design, we are happy to make one (1) revision at no cost. additional revisions are priced at $25 per re-design.

what should i do once i have my design?

our designs are full looks that include elements that can be sourced from real rental companies in your area. you are welcome to use our designs as a guide and rent the items on your own or the team at simply styled events can source + reserve the items from one of our trusted rental partners, at a discounted rate on your behalf!

how many designs do i receive?

you receive one (1) original design and one (1) complimentary revison, if needed. additional revisions are priced separately.

how much should i expect to pay for my decor items?

this depends on items selected, quantities, rental company and delivery/pick-up fees.

how long will it take to get my custom design?

after completing our detailed questionnaire, we will send you a full customized design in as little as 3-days business days.

when should i place my rental order?

we suggest starting your 3-day design shortly after you've secured your venue and have a vision for your event decor (colors, time of year, style, etc.) rental items can be reserved months in advance and we suggest this especially for peak event months, such as spring and fall.

what about florals and candles?

our designs include floral and lighting inspiration. if you'd like recommendations for a florist in your area, we'd be happy to refer you to one of our trusted partners!

i just purchased a 3-day design... what comes next?

our team will email you a detailed look book including inspiration, rental item options, a complete design board and more! here is a sneak peak of what you'll expect to find...